Let’s See How Well You Rank!

Are you showing up on Google’s first page?

Graphic of SERP locations

Use the Google SERP tool below to find out.

To be on the first page of the organic search results your landing page needs to rank in the top 10 organic SERP positions.  Ideally, for mobile screens your landing page should be within the top 5 positions.

Use our simple tool below to see where your website shows up for certain keywords.

  1. Enter the home page URL for your website.
  2. Next enter a keyword phrase.  This can be one or more words in a single search term.
  3. The tool will tell you the rank position number of your URL.
  4. Repeat using different search terms for the same URL or refresh this page to enter a new URL.
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If you don’t like what you see…

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Use our simple tool.

Remember, only the top 10 results will show on page one of the Google results.

(Pro Tip! – For local searches add the city and/or state after your keyword phrase.)