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A comprehensive all-in-one set of powerful SEO tools to help improve your ranking, increase your search traffic, and convert more customers based on
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It comes from combining two greek terms.


Greek word meaning...


The Greek word Istós translates directly to ‘web’.  So this part is easily understood.  The web is what’s behind all your online marketing efforts.



Greek word meaning...


The Greek word sophistēs, formed from the noun sophia, ‘wisdom’ or ‘learning’, has the general sense of ‘one who exercises wisdom or learning’.

Istosophy SEO Tools Logo

Is your website search engine optimized?

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Istosophy™ SEO Tools

Everything you need to find performance keywords, optimize your site, and track progress.

Rank Tracking

Track yours and your competitors’ rankings on any local or global search engine. Here you’ll get a high level breakdown of the ranking data for the chosen period and comparing to any period. You can also track rankings in Google Ads, Places, Images, Videos and News.

Istosophy SEO Tool Site Rankings Page
Istosophy SEO Tool Keyword Research Page

Keyword Research

Get a smart list of relevant keywords to optimize your site for. The Keyword Research tool will suggest the most effective keywords that may bring visitors to your site. You can also see keywords your competitors seem to be optimized for and the keywords that already work for you.

Site & Page SEO Health

Make sure you fix broken links before your site visitors strike them. The Site SEO Audit tool keeps a sharp look at any crawlability issue that may wreck the usability of your site. Exploit opportunities to rank higher and get more targeted traffic.

With the Landing Page SEO tools, you will get advice on how to fix all found SEO issues, track page speed performance, and be sure that your site is mobile-friendly. You can quickly improve your site’s position on the search engine results pages.

  • Istosophy SEO Tool Site Audit Page
  • Istosophy SEO Tool Landing Page SEO Page
Istosophy SEO Tool Backlinks Page


Get a detailed backlink profile to help you outline an effective Google Penguin-friendly link building strategy. You’ll see what websites link to it, what anchors they use, how authoritative they are and discover potentially damaging links in the Toxic Pages report.

Traffic Analysis

How do you measure your SEO success? Growing targeted traffic that converts into clients and buyers is a good measure. From the Traffic Analysis reports you will know what channels bring you visitors, analyze their efficiency and get insights on your competitors’ traffic.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Performance/Pacing
  • Google Search Console Data
  • Competitor Traffic
  • Istosophy SEO Tool Google Analytics Traffic Analysis Page
  • Istosophy SEO Tool PPC Traffic Page
  • Istosophy SEO Tool Competitor Traffic Page
Istosophy SEO Tool Google Business Listings Page

Google Business

With Google My Business Profile tracking you can collect the most crucial data regarding your business location listing(s) to provide you with necessary statistics for local business management.

If you are a locally oriented businessperson, this tool is for you. Keep track of your local SEO performance better than your competitors do. This will deliver all the details for ALL your locations in one place and gives you the ability to look at your competitor business listings too.

Social Analytics

Support your social media marketing with reliable data. Here you’ll find what topics are popular among your audience so you can publish posts that will attract attention and help you build loyal customers.

With Social Engagement Reporting find what pages of your site get the most attention in Facebook and Pinterest. Compare your social media popularity to that of your competitors. Here you will also learn how much traffic social networks bring you.

Know when someone is talking about your business or industry in a blog, news or on Twitter. You can then step into the discussion and get new relevant links and targeted traffic to your site. Use the Web Buzz Monitoring tool to grow your own authority in the industry.

  • Istosophy SEO Tool Facebook Insights Page
  • Istosophy SEO Tool Social Engagement Page
  • Istosophy SEO Tool Web Buzz Monitoring Page
Istosophy SEO Tool Competitor Metrics Page

Competitor Metrics

All you need for benchmarking in one place! Here you will get insights on competitor traffic, rankings, backlinks and social popularity. Investigate your competitors’ metrics to find the weak points you can attack to outrank them.

  • Track Dangerous Competitors
  • Discover Shared Keywords
  • Compare Traffic Over Time
  • Compare Backlink Profiles
  • Look at Competitor Social Citations
  • KW Ranking Overview
  • Ranking by KW